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Golfito, Costa's all about location, location, location!

Brisas Pacíficas is located in the southern zone of Costa Rica in the province of Puntarenas. Golfito’s small regional airport is only minutes away and is served by multiple daily flights on Nature Air and TACA’s regional carrier Sansa Regional from San José. Flight times between Golfito and San José are approximately 50 minutes. Drive times between San José and Golfito are approximately 4 hours on Costa Rica’s newly constructed Pan American Highway.

A third international airport serving the southern portions of Costa Rica and northern Panama is currently in the planning stages near Palmar Sur. The development of this airport will assure easy access to the Golfito area and Brisas Pacíficas from international destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Drive times from Brisas Pacíficas to Palmar Sur is approximately 50 minutes.

Golfito’s regional airport is only 10km (6 miles) from Brisas Pacíficas. Arrival to the property from Golfito can be done by car which takes approximately 20 minutes. However, residents and visitors of Brisas Pacíficas will most likely choose to arrive via our private boat service, across the beautiful and always tranquil waters of Golfito Bay, arriving at the Brisas pier.

Golfito Property View
Golfito Property View

A thriving paradise with majestic landscapes and world-class views of the Pacific.

Golfito was founded in the late 1930’s by the United Fruit Company, primarily as a port town for the processing and exportation of Bananas. Within a short time, Golfito was built into a prosperous trade center, bustling with activity and industry. At that time and into the 1980’s, Golfito was the most important port in southern Costa Rica.
Due to declining market conditions, increase in taxes and a banana blight, the United Fruit Company pulled out of Golfito in 1985, and eventually an economic depression ensued throughout the area. The United Fruit Company eventually turned over all of their real estate holdings to the Costa Rican government. The following year, the Golfito Reserve, or Refugio National de Vida Silvestre was established as a National Park and Wildlife Refuge Area. In 1990, a duty free shopping zone was opened in Golfito attracting Costa Ricans from all over the country. That, combined with a thriving Eco-tourism industry developing around Goflito has revived the town and boosted the local economy.

Golfito History
Golfito Town

Golfito boasts a variety of hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars, markets, and retail outlets allowing you to easily access services and goods. Medical facilities in Golfito include a hospital, as well as a future 224-room critical care hospital near Palmar Sur, which is planned as part of a new international airport.
Brisas Pacíficas is located in the province of Puntarenas and is served by multiple daily flights on both Nature Air and TACA’s regional carrier Sansa Regional from San José.

The approach by boat to Brisas Pacíficas from Golfito takes you across the tranquil waters of Golfito Bay, to the project. This water access can be purposed as a point of embarkation for day tours for whale watching, river tours or kayaking. Private water taxi’s can also take you to Golfito for dining, shopping, or drop you at your boat docked at one of the marina facilities in Golfito.


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